Care for landscape

Caring for landscape includes a set of activities aimed at protection, management and planning. The landscape protection in terms of the European Landscape Convention (the Convention) means actions taken to conserve and maintain the significant or characteristic features of landscape, arising from its historical heritage and natural configuration or human activity. The landscape management means an activity that, from a perspective of sustainable development, should ensure the regular upkeep of landscape with the aim to guide and harmonize changes caused by social, economic and environmental processes. The landscape planning is a purposeful activity, seeking to enhance, restore or create landscape.

When solving its tasks, the SEA ensures the implementation of integrated landscape management tools, use of new knowledge for the landscape care, monitoring and application of instruments of protection, management and planning on the principles of sustainable development. The SEA ensures fulfilling the obligations of professional character, resulting from the Program of the European Landscape Convention implementation in the Slovak Republic, adopted in 2006. The support of the Convention implementation is ensured by creating the favourable conditions for the institutional support of the Convention, development of technical documents, methodological materials, concepts, strategies and studies in the field of caring for the landscape, ensuring the continuous promotion, support of national and international cooperation, applied research in the field of landscape assessment and monitoring, processing of expert studies in relation to the methodology for identifying and assessing the characteristic landscape features, defining the possibility for the application of knowledge about the value of countries with a specific landscape when developing the territory, educational activities on this issue.