Care for the environment

Care for the environment is a concept taken by the society towards the environment. The aim of caring for the environment is to maintain or improve its quality with respect to all organisms, including humans, while respecting the principles of sustainable development. The care for the environment is implemented as the development and protection of environment.

The care for rural environment lies in the creation and application of tools and programs designed to ensure effective care for the environment, with a view to rural landscape. An activity within the SEA focuses on the preparation of expert documents and studies, methodological and legislative documents, counselling, monitoring, educational and editorial activity in the field of care for landscape and of rural development and village renewal.

Within the urban environment care, an activity focuses on strategic urban planning, environmental management, the restoration and regeneration of urban environment, i.e., on the planning of high level environmental protection as one of the key elements in order to achieve the sustainable development and to ensure the high quality of urban citizens´ life in Slovakia.