Nature and biodiversity
of Slovak Republic


The Earth’s genes, species and ecosystems are products of over 3 000 million years of evolution, an are the basis for the survival of our own species. Biological biodiversity (often shortened to „biodiversity“) is a measure of the variation in genes, species and ecosystems. It is valuable because:
diversity is the base of the stability and sustainable function of natural systems
of its enormously wide range for potential and unexplored uses
  here there is evidence that removal of ecosystem components can have negative impacts, and
  variety is inherently interesting and more attractive.

Human intervention has resulted in a profound modification of the origin landscape, through deforestation, agriculture, drainage of wetlands, mining, urbanisation and so on. As a result, many animals and plants had to find refuge in relatively small enclaves, sometimes only secure in legally designated protection areas.

In return, humans have created landscapes serving their own needs: grasslands, pastures and croplands, often intermixed with remaining woodlands and lined with hedges and waterways. Large mammals have retreated to remote remnants of their original habitat, other have become extinct. Many species from distant biogeographic regions of Europe have become established in the newly created environment. Today, the invasion of species as a result of human activities is still continuing and can have negative impact on native populations.

Three kinds of action taken to conserve wildlife and nature can be identified:
action for the protection of species (such as laws that control hunting)
action to protect special areas (e.g. as National Park, Nature Reserves or Protected Landscapes)
action designed to integrate nature conservation into national and regional planning, and into policies for different economic sectors.

 Structure of land and built-up areas  Endangered  flora species
 Rural vs. urban population changes  Endangered  fauna species
 Road infrastructure density  System of ecological stability
 Forestry  Wetlands under Ramsar Convention
   Protected areas - actual state
   Wildlife stock and hunt of game
   Fishing in ponds, water reservoir and river
   Natural and technological hazards
Protected areas
Cultural Heritage
Word Cultural and Natural Heritage sites in the SR
The National Biodiversity Strategy
Internationa Ttreaties and Initiatives of  biodiversity
Economic instruments of  nature and biodiversity protection
State Environmental Fund expenditures in the field of nature and biodiversity   protection
Environmental Policy
Legislative assurance of nature and biodiversity protection

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