Thematic Mapping

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Here you may find info about mapoutputs created by the Remote Sensing Dept. in Slovak Environmental Agency or mapoutputs compiled in cooperation with different institutions.

Mapping over the whole SLOVAK territory

LANDCOVER - output of the Phare CORINE Landcover project
FOREST - tree species composition
MINERAL WATER - mineral waters
DTM - digital terrain model
GRASS - grassland inventory
HEALTH STATE - defoliation of forests in year 1996

Processing of topographic maps

civilian ZM 1 : 200 000
civilian ZM 1 : 50 000
military TOPO 1:50 000

Thematic outputs from different GIS aplications

Eutrophication modelling over the River Hron watercatchment

Spatial multitemporal analysis of selected PARASITES

pracovnici oddelenia Dialkoveho prieskumu Zeme Nada Machkova Jozef Novacek Martin Zeman Ludmila Zemanova

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