International Conference Contaminated Sites

Contaminated sites have become one of the most serious environmental issues facing the European Union and involving enormous financial and social implications.

The conference aims to provide a wide space for discussion, knowledge exchange among experts from government and non-government organizations, public and private sector, praxis, science and academic sector.

Main topics of conference:

  • Legislation, policy and strategies of EU and member states in the field of contaminated sites (CS)
  • Methodologies of inventory and identification of CS
  • Geological survey of CS
  • Risk assessment – risk analysis, limit values, human health and environmental risk assessment
  • Remediation methods and innovative technologies, Best Available Techniques (BAT) on CS remediation
  • Sustainable remediation of CS
  • Brownfields – contamination clean-up and redevelopment
  • Citizen Science – Involvement of the general public into CS management
  • Case studies

The conferences are organised by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic in close cooperation with the Slovak Environment Agency.

Years of International Conference Contaminated Sites:

We prepare The International Conference Contaminated Sites 2020:

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