The national conference Slovakia and eco-innovations which took place in Bratislava on 19-20 October 2016, presented the answers to questions about how to orientate in politico-strategic area of eco-innovations. Participants of this conference also learned what financial tools can be used to support their development and how they are applied not only within the Slovak conditions.

The conference was opened by Martin Lakanda, the Director General of the Slovak Environment Agency (SEA) and by Kamil Vilinovič, the Director General of the Department of Cross-Cutting Issues, from the Slovak Ministry of the Environment (MoE SR). Mr. Lakanda from SEA underlined the importance of eco-innovations which reduce environmental costs, increase the acceptance of society and contribute to sustainable development. He hopes that by launching the first session of the conference on eco-innovation in Slovakia “the space for an annual expert debate on this issue will be framed. Such a debate is important not only for the competitiveness of the Slovak economy, but also for protecting and improving the environment.”

The conference was dedicated to policies and financial instruments in the field of eco-innovation, to their contribution in terms of the environment, to the key strategic documents supporting eco-innovations not only at European Union level but also at national level as well as examples of good practice in the field of eco-innovations. Mr. Vilinovič from MoE SR underlined that “the application of eco-innovations in practice is related to the elimination of economic and financial barriers, to improving the demand for innovations on market and to increasing the relatively low level of public awareness.”

The national conference was held within a series of events dedicated to the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2016. This conference was administratively covered by MoE SR and SEA and held under the patronage of the Director General of Directorate for Environment Policy, EU and International Affairs, MoE SR, Mr. Milan Chrenko.

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