Care for the environment

Care for the environment

Care for the environment is a concept taken by the society towards the environment. The aim of caring for the environment is to maintain or improve its quality with respect to all organisms, including humans, while respecting the principles of sustainable development. The care for the environment is implemented as the development and protection of environment.

The care for rural environment lies in the creation and application of tools and programs designed to ensure effective care for the environment, with a view to rural landscape. An activity within the SEA focuses on the preparation of expert documents and studies, methodological and legislative documents, counselling, monitoring, educational and editorial activity in the field of care for landscape and of rural development and village renewal. The target is a comprehensive renewal and region`s development in order to preserve the natural and cultural values ​​of the rural landscape and to develop environmental activities through supporting instruments for rural development and international conventions.


The Department of Settlement, Regions and Landscape Care (DoSRLC) focuses on the care, strategic planning, protection and development of settlements, regions and landscape at the national as well as regional and local levels. It is a complex of activities targeted at settlements, regions and landscape.

Activities of this department are:

  • elaborates tasks, expert documents and reports for the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic;
  • ensures the fulfilment of obligations of a professional nature resulting for the Slovak Republic from legislation, national and international documents and declarations;
  • prepares documents for concepts, studies and proposals in the field of care and planning for the development of settlements, regions and landscape, urbanism, cities, green infrastructure, climate change, sustainable tourism, regional development, ecosystem services, health;
  • participates on the preparation of documents for legislation and methodological guidelines in relation to the performance of state administration and self-government in the field of environmental protection of settlements, regions and landscape;
  • assesses the interconnections, links, influences and interactions of settlements and regions with the anthropogenic and free landscape;
  • draws up expert opinions, statements on spatial planning documentation of settlements and regions, on urban materials, on landscaping, etc .;
  • participates in the strategic planning of the development of settlements, regions and, cities, in the renewal and regeneration of the urban environment;
  • promotes and enforces sustainable tourism which creates harmony among the natural, socio-economic and cultural environment;
  • makes proposals, provides advice in frame of natural and sustainable tourism, which does not have a negative impact on the environment, does not destroy nature, the landscape, settlements and regions, and does not devastate them;
  • supports and promotes the use of natural resources and cultural and historical heritage for tourism on the principle of its sustainability, care and protection; prefers environmentally friendly solutions;
  • cooperates with local governments (cities, municipalities, local authorities), state institutions (MoE, MoTC, MH, SO SR), universities, organizations and associations related to the environment and care of cities, settlements, regions and the landscape;
  • comments on departmental, regional and local intentions, concepts and strategies, draft planning documentation, documents and development materials that have an impact on settlements, regions and the landscape;
  • maps wetlands in urban settlements, promotes their importance as an effective tool for mitigating the effects of climate change;
  • maps degraded areas and develops proposals for their regeneration and revitalization;
  • fills the information system on the state of the environment of settlements (BEISS and IS miest)
  • develops the environmental regionalization of the Slovak Republic for individual components of the environment (air, rocks, water, soil, biota, transport, etc.);
  • identifies and interprets relevant data within the environmental health of the population at the level of Slovak cities;
  • provides information and methodological support with the use of green infrastructure in the process of adaptation to climate change for local governments (in the form of publishing a catalog, model studies, other publications, etc.)
  • publishes interesting environmental examples, environmental opportunities, environmental activities and environmental events from cities, countryside, regions and states on the SEA website;
  • participates in raising the environmental awareness of the public through environmental education activities, educational and publishing activities focused on care, protection, development, planning of settlements, regions and landscape;
  • is involved in solving national and international projects;
  • organizes events, seminars, workshops, conferences, the ENVIROTOWN competition, lectures for the professional and general public, for institutions and schools with a focus on the care, protection and development of settlements, regions and landscape.



Martina Seemann Litterová Mgr. PhD.
vedúca oddelenia starostlivosti o krajinu 
Odbor starostlivosti o krajinu, sídla a regióny, oddelenie starostlivosti o krajinu
048 4374162, 0918 923772
Tajovského 28, Banská Bystrica, 975 90
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Oľga Slobodníková RNDr., Mgr., PhD.
špecialista na manažment krajiny 
Odbor výskumu a medzinárodnej spolupráce
048 4374281, 0908 901960
Tajovského 28, Banská Bystrica, 97590
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