Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents

The SEA activity on the prevention of major industrial accidents (PMIA) is focused on the performance of the delegated professional tasks in PMIA related to the provisions of Act no. 128/2015 Coll. on the prevention of major industrial accidents and on amending and supplementing of certain acts as amended.

The main activities are:

  • cooperation with the SR MoE and sectoral organizations in developing of and commenting on legislation on the prevention of major industrial accidents,
  • making the analyses, documentation and their processing to fulfil the reporting obligations of the Slovak Republic on the prevention of MIA in relation to the EC,
  • building and operating the information system of MIA prevention and making it available,
  • providing information to the public and professional community in the field of MIA prevention,
  • data collection and processing to ensure the reporting obligations towards the EC through the systems SPIRS (Seveso Plants Information Retrieval System) and MARS (Major Accident Reporting System)
  • membership in the Committee of Competent Authorities and SEVESO experts group, including the participation in the working groups of EC, EEA, JRC,
  • ensuring the trainings for the professional public in the MIA prevention, state administration bodies performing the state administration in the PMIA and of trainings for the PMIA IS users,
  • development and operation of data centres as the depository of data, methods and models related to the prevention of MIA,
  • ensuring and creation of manuals, guidelines and other technical documents and promotional materials on the prevention of MIA.
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