Environmental management

Environmental management

Environmental management is a set of voluntary environmental policy instruments, allowing the introduction of the system approach to solving the problems in the field of environmental care and continuous improvement of the organizations´ behaviour.

The main activities of Slovak Environment Agency´s Section of Environmental Management are focused on the following areas and activities:

  • prepares the proposals of specific conditions for new product groups for granting the national ecolabel (ERA), including their regular review.
  • receives and reviews the applications and carries out the assessment of compliance with the specific conditions for granting ERA and with the environmental criteria of the European Community (EC) for granting the EU Ecolabel, checks if the conditions specified in the license agreement are met,
  • ensures partial activities resulting from the EP and R (EC) regulation no. 66/2010 for a competent authority in relation to the European scheme of environmental labelling of products for the award of the EU Ecolabel, and represents Slovakia in  the European Commission working groups,
  • performs a conformity assessment in the context of environmental labelling of type II and grants certificates, ensures the operation of the SR competent authority for EMAS in accordance with the Act no. 351/2012, EP and R (EC) Regulation no. 1221/2009, and with the Commission´s Decision no. 832/2011, and represents Slovakia in the European Commission working groups,
  • it receives and examines applications and carries out activities related to the registration of organizations in EMAS,
  • keeps and updates the national EMAS Register and announces changes to the European Commission, provides assistance to organizations in connection with the compliance with environmental legislation requirements,
  • monitors the process of environmental management systems certification according to ISO 14001 in Slovakia,
  • cooperates in the development of international technical standards for the environmental management, it is a member of TK 72 Environmental Management,
  • develops the area of green public procurement (GPP) and represents the SR in the member countries´ meetings within the activities of the European Commission, it performs activities under the National Action Plan for Green Public Procurement in the SR for the years 2016-2020 (NAP III GPP)
  • develops the area of integrated product policy (IPP) and represents Slovakia in the meetings of the European Commission, 
  • it carries out activities resulting from the implementation of the European Action Plan for environmental technologies (ETAP) and the Action plan for eco-innovation (EcoAP), and represents Slovakia in the activities of the European Commission,
  • organizes activities and cooperates with educational, business and consumer organizations in relation to the support of environmental management instruments development, education and dissemination of information.



Ing. Alena Adamkovičová
Head of Department
Section of Environmental Sciences and Project Management
Department of Environmental Management and Basel Convention
Grösslingova 35
811 09  Bratislava
email: alena.adamkovicova@sazp.sk
tel: +421 2 321 31 612, +421 917 232 344
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