The environment

Dear visitors,

welcome to the page dedicated to the environment, environmental science and environmental care. Care for the environment is a concept taken by the company towards the environment. The aim of caring for the environment is to maintain or improve its quality with respect to all organisms, including humans, while respecting the principles of sustainable development.

Caring for the environment is implemented as the development and protection of environment which is the basic mission of the Directorate for Environment Science and Project Management of SEA.

We fulfil this mission by applying the tools and by performing environmental services, performed under our statute and contract with the SR Ministry of Environment, as well as by the implementation of special programs and projects.

The important role in the environmental care system, that we ensure, is also an international cooperation itself, fulfilment of reporting obligations within the EU, environmental education, education, environmental assessment and, in particular, the provision of information about its condition and causes and consequences of this condition.